Eu4 trade company investments

eu4 trade company investments

  are affected by the minimum autonomy in territories modifier, but most of these maluses (penalties to manpower, etc) can be partially offset by trade company investments.

2 trade goods and 200 production (since its in 4 provinces) for the same price of 1 manufactory and 1 workshop.

  cant find a menu anywhere, not in the buildings section, not the trade section (in that case i missed it). Background i get the popup thing up to the left that sayd you can afford trade company investments - brokers office, company administration, company warehouse.

I was having the same problem but i figured it out, go to a trade company province and click on the state, at the bottom you should see trade company investments 4 share.

You have to click on the provinces in each trade node and then go to the state tab, there you can spend ducats to gain trade, production, and military bonuses.

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  from what ive gathered, all contintents can be trade companies now. The count for 50 governing capacity, compared to the 0 state req in previous patches. The big nerf that makes trade companies weaker this patch is the fact that they go from 0 autonomy cap, to 80.

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eu4 trade company investments

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